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3072 MB would give me a great FPS boost
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You guys updated Arma few days ago (in dev branch) to make it possible 3072 MB of ram working , it worked great ... Now you removed it as you said people had crashes ... Will it come back ?


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They said they're still working on it in the dev branch log yesterday or a couple days ago. It's gonna take some more time i guess.

I don't have installed the test branch at the moment, so I ask you, have you tried the startparameter "-maxMem=3072"? If it is not working maybe you could open a ticket with the request that this patch is deactivated until the problem is resolved, but can be activated with the "-maxMem" parameter.

-maxmem is automatically limited to what the game can handle.
If supported maxmem is 2047 you could even put 9001 but the game would reset that back to 2047.
Anyway i haven't followed dev log in the last few days but they said they removed it last weekend so if it doesn't work they haven't added it yet.