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Virtual Arsenal improvements
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I really love the new Virual Arsenal feature, but I'd like to share some ideas on how to improve it.

First thing, I really think there should be a way to access the Virtual Arsenal from the editor. Currently, you have to close the mission you are working on just to copy the loadout, making it quite unconfortable (or maybe I just haven't found the way to access it yet).

Also I'd like to see the ability to edit each soldier's (and maybe even crate's and vehicle's) inventory in the editor, so you wouldn't have to create and copy-paste presets for the loadout, you'd just change it for the unit directly. That's just a minor thing, though, I believe we can live without it.

In the Virtual Arsenal itself, there should be a way to add more items to the soldier's inventory than those which you can add right now. For example, if I wanted to create an 'ammo bearer' loadout, there is no way for me to add any other magazines to the backpack other than the magazines compatible with the sodier's weapon (if he had 5.56 weapon, he wouldn't be able to carry 6.5 magazines). This also makes giving soldier more attachments or for example more ACRE radios almost impossible (some team members usually carry both 148 and 343 transmitter).

The last thing is that it would be great to add the ability to edit crate and vehicle loadouts in the Virtual Arsenal too, not just soldier's inventory.

That's all I have to say about the Virtual Arsenal. Keep up the great work, can't wait for upcoming updates.


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It would also be nice to be able to directly export setups to editor without pasting to wordpad and back ingame, as OP said. It's especially important because the constant jumping back and forth is confusing. Having some kind of drop-down menu would be nice.

You're also unable to assign side specific uniforms right now, for example FIA uniforms are always bg and not ig/og for example. This causes problems when assigning FIA loadouts to opfor or indfor soldiers.

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Im with you brother, I have the same problem, and I want those features to be in ArmA III to improve the game

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The problem is that the Virtual Arsenal is actually on the "VR" map... So you can't do it on a multiplayer match other than one that is on the VR map.

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Please modify your description because some (not all) of your suggestions are already available in the game.

Best regards

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Access from Editor: done.
Edit Loadouts of Units in Editor: done.
Adding other magazines: done.
Crate and Vehicle loadouts in Arsenal. You can do that in Eden. Is that enough? I don't see any reason why you'd want to use the Arsenal specifically instead.

Crate and Vehicle loadouts could be used for Zeus, so instead of spending 10 mins setting up a custom arsenal, just pop in, select a preset and load it. Same with vehicles(if the module ever exists to do so), that way the zeus won't have to manually swap stuff inside via proxy units.