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Tank guns: No muzzle flash + dust effects on firing
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Using the current and past two beta patches, MBT guns have been lacking muzzle blast and dust kicked up.


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Place MBT, fire main gun: no flame, dust and smoke.

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I am unable to reproduce this issue. Do you use any mods? Are you able to reproduce this issue even without any mod? Is there anyone else who is observing similar issue? Thanks!


Two patches ago the issue was present with mods disabled. With the bootcamp patch I have reenabled and disabled the mods a handful of times, and now that I am running completely without any mods whatsoever the muzzle blast has returned.

I am suspecting that I left something enabled by accident or had something misplaced in some addon folder. I am looking for the source of the issue now, but because of a handful of other errors since bootcamp, I am suspecting that CBA is the culprit.

I would also be interested in hearing if anybody else observed this, even with mods enabled. Tanks seemed to be the only vehicles affected.

Edit: I can't seem to reproduce the issue anymore. I have a ton of mods that may be the cause, now that I have tested CBA and the next best thing I remember having turned on, but both do not cause the muzzle flash effects to disappear again.

Possibly something temporary?

Yes, it could be something temporary. I am going to close this ticket as unable to reproduce, but feel free to report it again in case you will find a way how to reproduce it with future updates. Thanks!

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