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Editing another profile replaces current profile .vars.Arma3Profile file with .vars.Arma3Profile file of edited profile
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Topic says it all, editing another profile replaces current profile .vars.Arma3Profile file with .vars.Arma3Profile file of edited profile.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create 2 new profiles in game in Configure -> Profile, name as "Profile 1" and "Profile 2".
  2. Activate Profile 1, go to Configure -> Game, select "Layout" tab and select differently colored menu theme.
  3. Activate Profile 2 and observe that it still uses default orange menu theme.
  4. Open profiles list, select Profile 1 and press "Edit" and then "Apply".
  5. Close profiles list (Important: By Pressing CANCEL instead of OK) and open it again and observe that current Profile 2 now uses theme selected by Profile 1 indicating that .vars.Arma3Profile file of Profile 1 was copied to selected Profile 2 after profile editing.
Additional Information

Probably bug that appeared after #18896 fix.

Noticed on current dev build but I assume affects stable too.


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Hello Iceman! Can you please sort this out? I just lost my lvl 35 KoTh profile, that I spent many hours of my time playing. I even bought the DLC just for King Of The Hill! All I did was tweak my settings and follow a guide that I usually do and have in the past without issues, then I tried to log back in and my XP, cash and guns where gone.

I read on all KoTH forums about players havin the same issue. No wonder people script and break the rules to get XP and teamstack just to get XP. It destroys the gameplay for everyone playing seriously.

I clocked more than 1500 hours on Arma 3, and before that close to 3000 hours on Arma 2, registered on Steam.

Read what I write, and I'm fine with BI deleting this, but please do adress this issue and help out SaMatra!!!

Just take a look at this forum and you will see many people in the same situation. Fix this, Bohemia, I hope you take your costumers seriously!

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this issue should be fixed in one of the upcoming Steam Dev updates and later in the Stable version update.

If you can, please try to switch to the Steam Dev update (probably tommorow) and see if the issue is still present (feedback onto if it has been fixed will be appreciated).

Thank you