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UAV - Darter - Armed variety.
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I just thought it would be cool of we could have an armed variety of the quadcopter UAV's.

Maybe attach a light weapon on it of some kind.
The weapon would be fixed and suffer some significant accuracy penalties over long distances.

The tech already exists so "reality" fanatics can save their breath.
I just think this would be a really fun and useful resource to play with -- Not only to control for yourself but also to set up a scenario where you're being hunted by swarms of these things.

That said, I'm leaving you with a link:


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I'm against readily available armed Darters. Reminds me too much of CoD 40 mm GMG quadrocopter or Splinter Cell's Tricopter. It's very easy to script any (vehicle) weapon you like on it.

Wait. So let me get this right. You're against it...because CoD has it? :S
At the same time you're telling us how easy it is to do.

So what, a developer spends whatever an "easy" amount of time scripting it, and a modeller takes an already existing model and adds a gun to it. Mind you the designs already exist and they don't have to come up with their own.

Add to that the fact that it's a resource that would be available to mission makers, and not an obligatory unit. Basicly if you don't like them, don't use them.

It should also be noted that bohemia put an armed UAV in one of the arma 2
expansions, which was a neat concept even if it was a bit crappy both in the model design and gun accuracy departments.

I'm a bit stumped by the initial response negativity of this feature request. As it would fit in perfectly with the game world and the time period it is set in. It is as if some people just don't want cool stuff because cool stuff is unrealistic, even when it isn't.