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Game crashes after few minutes in multplayer mode
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Always afetr a few minutes playing in multi mode, games strats freezing like hell. FPS drops to 5. Then game crashes.


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thank you for reporting this issue. Would it be possible to upload at least three more crashdumps? It helps us in a great way to analyse where the problem is.

Thank you.

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I confirm the crash doesnt occur in SP mode

A added all the crashdump folder content. I hope it will help you to understant the issue.

Thank you for the files, we'll analyse them and let you know.

Gronaz added a comment.Jul 4 2014, 3:08 PM

ANy news about this issue ? I still cannot play the game in MP mode.

Any news ? Game still unplayable !

it should be fixed now in rev. 125494 and higher.

Hi there,

Would it be possible to check "L-H_CrashDumps.7z" that was attached, to see if it is the same error. The community I play with has been plagued with MP crashes similar to this and it would help us eliminate potential mod issues (although we have attempted to do a Vanilla test, we weren't sure if everyone participating in the vanilla test was actually running no mods). We plan to redo the vanilla test to ensure it is not a mod conflict of some kind but it would be nice to eliminate a potential engine side error.


I am having the same issue. I run altis life(only) and the game freezes after 30 sec, to 30 min. single player plays fine, and so does every other multiplayer mode. I am currently running a intel hd graphics 4000 with 1728 free memory. every other game I run plays fine including call of duty ghosts and bf3. do I need to upgrade? I feel like it looks and runs fine while im playing but then it just locks up on me. please help. I bought your game 3 days ago and I would really like to play altis life.

Icannot analyse the file withou rpt. Could you please reupload it?

Unfortunately I no longer have access to the RPT for those crashes but I have managed to get a couple of crashdumps + RPT from someone within my community. Uploading as ""

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