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Multiplayer home base rape by own team players
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It is increasingly the case that the multiplayer game is being totally ruined by a minority of players who employ the tactic of destroying any friendly vehicle as soon as it leaves the safe zone, or indeed IN the so called safe zone, in order to then board a free game-rezzed vehicle as driver/pilot and deliver the other players to the war zone, cashing in on the bonuses for doing so. I do not know if they also get a "destroyed vehicle" bonus as well... I myself have paid out a large amount for an armoured gunship helicopter, got it fully loaded with passengers, took off only to be shot down by a base raper on my own side as soon as I crossed the safe zone boundary. This is just one example of many such base rape tactics ruining the multiplayer game.

There needs to be some system of identifying in-game players and voting to have them removed if they are employing such tactics.

If there is already such a system in place please advise on how to find it and use it.


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You can votekick players already. If you want any other measures implemented, contact the mission author or the server administrators, as there is nothing BIS can do about third party missions, mods or servers.

I believe that this is a problem for mission designer/server admin. We provide mission makers with various tools to affectbehaviour of players online.

Thank you for your feedback, have a nice day!

Thanks for the reply ICEMAN. I have yet to be online in any ARMA 3 game (and I have played a lot) where you can identify other players, let alone vote-kick them as the other commenter has stated. If you can do this, how do you do it?

Also, could you please be more specific about what tools the editor contains to affect player conduct online?

I will indeed contact mission designers/server admin, but I need to be able to know what I am talking about before I start making requests for them to implement changes. I know what the problem is, I would like to know what the solution is.

Press Shift+P, find the player name and click on it, then click on "Vote kick". Keep in mind that some servers have this disabled.

The editor doesn't have any tools to punish teamkillers, but mission makers can script it.

I see that the latest update has pop-up windows with tips, one of which informs us that pressing the Windows key reveals team players names, which is the answer to the question I have asked here but you have failed to tell me. For your information, pressing the Windows key does NOT reveal players names, nor does it reveal their level as claimed. It isn't even mapped! So what the hell is the "tip" talking about?

Still waiting to hear from ICEMAN about what tools he was referring to.

The Windows key showing players' names is a mission-specific feature. It's also present in some Wasteland missions if I remember correctly.

As for the tools Iceman was referring to, I already told you. The editor doesn't have any tools specifically meant for punishing teamkillers, but mission makers can use scripting to punish such players.

So let's get this right... the generic message being transmitted about the windows key function is INCORRECT! Because it is only mission specific, and NOT generic.

Lets be clear on this also, I am talking to ICEMAN when I use his name.

He has made a statement and I would like his answer to my question.

Is there anything you did not understand about that?

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 1:38 AM

Where did you get this "generic message" about the Windows key?

When I now log into the multiplayer game after the latest update, I get 4 or 5 "Tips" that appear randomly each time I am logging into a multiplayer game. One of them states that the Windows key will give player name, plus player level.


Seriously, why am I having to give this feedback? Do you have no quality control over there?

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 1:56 AM

No, BIS doesn't have quality control on third party missions.

I assume by "logging in" you mean joining a server? If so, join a server running a mission that's not King of the Hill or Wasteland and I assure you, you will have no such "tips" displayed.

I am not talking about third party missions - I am talking about Arma 3 basic code.

It is a very basic concept.

What is good is good, what is bad is bad. Let's remove the bad!!

It is very easy to do!

I hope you understand this very basic principle.

Let's do it!!!

Arma 3's seemingly refusal to accept ownership of their own game is nothing other than a total cop-out!

AD2001 added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 2:21 AM

I have no idea what you're talking about.

What do you mean by "Arma 3 basic code"?

Iceman added a comment.Jul 1 2014, 9:04 AM

the tools I was talking about are scripting commands and editor. We provide and support the whole scale of commands as well as (ingame) assets. These allow to mission makers to create content as they like.
Please visit our wiki to get full picture of what I am talking about:

There are already thousands of user-made mission in Steam Workshop (everyone owning the game can download them) and hundreds of them are suited for multiplayer. We do not control every mission which is publish. Instead, we make sure that Arma, as a sandbox platform for creating them, can run them with all the content and support we are providing.

I hope that this is the answer you were looking from me. Have a nice day!

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