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Ponds Need to be Made Possible IN ENGINE for Map Makers
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Apparently, it's no longer possible to make ponds. The only way around this, is the lower the terrain, to ocean level, making a dip that is low enough to be in water, thus, falsely making a pond. I see problems with this. That includes the sound of the water giving off an Ocean sound, which, isn't ideal for ponds. Second, it restricts abilities for ponds on different levitation, and not just ponds. Rivers, and other water systems, just CANNOT be made. That limits Map possibilities, and that's a kill. This needs to be resolved. In other words, there needs to be a new way, in the Engine, RV4, to create ponds again. Much like in Arma 2, but not the old way as Arma 2 did it. A More efficient, and intuitive way, that looks good on the RV4 Engine. It NEEDS to be possible. It just has to be. Without it, it is literally a downgrade in Engine capability. Imagine how good a pond would look with the right setting in the RV4, and what things can be done with it. Make it happen. It's a need.


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I'm hoping in the upcoming expansion to fix this...
Funny thing is, among many other things VBS supports this as well and apparently it's not even that complicated.
Maybe there's some VBS-exclusive legal bound that prohibits BIS to use that in Arma.

Hmmm, i think there are multiple restrictions put on the Arma 3 Dev team from VBS features, and in that case, it makes it look like the VBS guys wear the pants, and BIS is simply doing what they can to get by...

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waiting for this