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camera zooms out much to far / FOV
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camera zooms out much to far, so you can´t really read the dashboard in fast cars.
and also affects in jets, so you can´t read the hud or MFD anymore.

should really be disabled!

or at least able to be disabled


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place a fast car or jet , fly at high speed , and see how your "arms get longer".

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what we really need is a preset "dashboard quick look" button that would switch the camera to be zoomed in on the dashboard/control panel as long as it is held. It's nice to have the wide field of view that's there now, but it's too hard to read the instruments in that view.

it would be better to have this as an manual option, so if people want that wide field of view thes can do it with the zoom-key, otherwise people can look at the dashbord, or mfd without zooming in.

also for the trackir users its mor natural when you dont have such a high FOV.

They could allow you to set a default view, and also another one you could get by holding a key. That way your key could be looking over the shoulder, to the side, dashboard, etc, and you could also set your default view (sometimes it points down too much as well).