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Wet Work: missing survival fatigues/wetsuit
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When I decided to do another campaign playthrough today, I came upon the wet work mission, played directly after the blackfoot down mission, and noticed that unlike my previous playthrough months ago, I was missing diving clothes at the start of the mission and there was none available to me at rearm before the mission launched. This caused me to do the slow "freestyle" swimming animation.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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launch a new campaign and play through blackfoot down, then go directly to wet work. If it helps, I did go on patrol in between blackfoot down and wet work.

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we are aware of this problem and it has already been fixed for Steam Dev version (Steam Stable next update). The absence of wet suit is unpleasant, however the mission can be finished (Your character will swim slowly).
Sorry for inconveniences, have a nice day.

A bit after the fact, but I found a workaround: launch the mission from the strategic map and you spawn wearing survival fatigues.

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