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Implement command to disable\control grass drawing distance
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A3 is heavily affected by problem where default terrain grid setting results in objects floating above terrain geometry. Attached screenshot 2014-06-22_00003.jpg" demonstrates two units floating above ground at just 400 meters away from player. Usually this can be solved by decreasing terrain grid with setTerrainGrid command but the problem is that it starts to render much more grass resulting in significant FPS drop. Basically you have to choose between terrible performance because of high amount of grass or very low terrain geometry which is big gameplay problem as you don't know whenever enemy is behind terrain and can see you and you can shoot them or not.

My suggestion to this problem is to implement a separate scripting command to switch grass on and off regardless of terrain grid setting or change grass draw distance\density which will give mission designers more flexibility. {F24120}


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This ticket is related to #8658 but not a duplicate. This ticket suggests a new scripting command so we could change grass separately from terrain grid.