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3D editor DLC
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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. Still, I thought it would be nice if we were able to buy a 3D editor DLC.


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I know that there is a 3D editor in the game right now, yet onlee those that have purchased the Delux edition (or something) have it. When I've bought Arma 3 I did not have the money for it yet now I am redy to pay the difference for the 3D editor.

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I understand that there is a 3D editor community mod. I tried to use it but it has the disadvantage that you can onlee edit Altis and Stratis in 3D. Zeus has the same problem (wich I belive will be fixed), yet in Zeus you can't save your work and is more difficult to work with the modules.

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The 3D editor isn't restricted to the deluxe edition. Anyone can access it, but it doesn't work very well and you can't save anything you've created (or so I think, I'm not completely sure).

The DLCs that are already confirmed will most likely be the only ones.

A complete 3D editor has already been confirmed.
for more information, read here:

There is no functional (!) 3D-editor in the game. Developers use 2D-editor only. Development and implementation of 3D-editor is work in progress and planned as expansion, not as DLC.
That means: First are DLCs to come, later Arma3 as platform will be upgraded (including 3D-editor).

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gotta love the ArmA 3 community, asking for a paid DLC with things that has been free on the other games and that modders can add.

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Well, I thought I've once seen an add when Arma 3 was Alpha saying that anyone buying the support edition of the game will recive, in addition to the game itself, a steam version of Arma: Cold War Assault, some Arma 3 music and the 3D editor. I was not aware however that they plann to make a better-than-in-Arma 2 3D editor after 2015 so, thanks for thi intel.

as stated in the roadmap, 3d scenario editor is planned for future and it is not currently available for anyone.
Thank you for your feedback, have a nice day.

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