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Losing Laser Designator When Revived
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I usually play "Invade and Annexe" (online and it uses VAS ammo crate) and have also been playing a lot of "Whole Lotta Altis" (offline and it does not use VAS ammo crate).

Whenever I get killed and revived (or respawned), my laser designator disappears from my inventory. This has been happening for many months and many updates (early 2014?).

More recently, the magazine in my rifle also disappears after a revive.

The other night after a revive, I had lost my laser designator and had a totally different rifle and a totally different backpack with different contents. I dont think someone had tried to swap gear while I was wounded.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have laser designator in inventory. Get killed. Get revived or respawn. Laser designator has gone from inventory.

Additional Information

Other people have mentioned losing the laser designator after a revive to me when playing online.

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This is mission related, at least in my part. Just made fixes in the newest WLA SP version. Still seems like there is bug to move rangefinder (not sure if Laser Designator too) to slot. Both linkItem and assignItem dont seem to have any effect even the rangefinder appears in container after adding it with addItem. Testing it more soon, if I dont just see something.

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As SaOk said, this is mission related. He'll try to fix his mission (Whole Lotta Altis), but for the other one you have to contact the mission author.

Also, you should close this ticket as there's nothing the Arma 3 devs can do about it.

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