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Cannot add or remove items from crates
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Since the last update I am unable to modify contents of crates added using Zeus.
If I remove items by clicking on the minus (-) sign next to an item, I can't get to zero (0) I get an infinite symbol (like two joined up o like this oo).
If I add by clicking the add (+) sign things don't add even in a half empty crate.

If I add items, even a crate that I have cleared out, I can add maybe one or two of each item, although the usage bar at the bottom goes up the amount of items added does not.
So if I "add" 5 first aid kits and 10 mags the crate would appear full but when you look at the inventory of the crate there maybe 1 FAK and 3 mags.

What gets added or removed seems random.


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Should be fixed in the next dev build.

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