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Include scripted ragdoll effects
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Multiple addons, scripts and missions could benefit from the addition of scripted ragdoll effects.

Currently the ragdolleffect from the engine can only be scripted with tedious and unreliable workarounds. (basically by smacking physical objects against the player)

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Add the following 2 commands to the game:

bool = unitName getRagdoll;
(allows to check if a unit is currently in Ragdoll-state)

unitName setRagdoll [true, [0,0,0], 1, "", true];
0 - boolean: turn ragdoll effect on or off
1 - vector3D(optional): Vector indicating the direction of the applied force
2 - Number(optional): Force of impact
3 - String(optional): Selection name where the force is applied
4 - boolean(optional): true(default) if ragdoll should automatically finish or false if it should last until removed.


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Check my source code just to see how much effort is put into triggering the ragdoll effect.

This would be very useful.


The fact that this is still listed as "new" is appalling.... Its not new it was asked for a long time ago.

No response, no acknowledgement. Just stagnation... Can this get some love.

There has to be some command that tells the engine that when an avatar is dead it ragdolls... so.. hence you can allow that command to ragdoll not just upon death but other event handlers as well.. Correct?? Please correct me and give some insight as to why there has been NO progress or mention of any work on this aspect.. thank you for your time BIS!

This would be nice to get some control over this feature. It seems some of this stuff that was jammed into the game and is kinda botched to say the least is just being ignored by the devs now because of how messed up it is.

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Not gonna happen, am I right?

@Roach - Yes, it seems that way......