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Showcase Missions: Unable to load autosave
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Even when starting a complete new Showcase Mission and you die, you'll be unable to load the autosave.

It will just give you an error message that says something like "You're unable to load/edit this mission because it is dependent on content that has been deleted [...]" followed by some items that the game thinks are not there anymore or something (see screenshot).

Usually these kinds of errors appear when you try to load a mission, that you played with a now deactivated addon, but as i said, it appears also if you start a completely new Showcase Mission.

I'm really angry with you Bohemia, people spent so much time reporting and coping with bugs, that they should spent PLAYING this game. I didn't pay for this game to be your beta tester. I hope you know that no other studio would get away with this, but i tell you this one thing, if ARMA 4 is anything like this, i'll keep my money and my time far, far away from you. {F24105} {F24106}


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Screenshot is from mission: "Combined Arms"

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I could not reproduce the problem. Are you running any mods?
Would it be possible to upload your latest rpt?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you!

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Yes, I'm running some mods. Ticket updated with latest rpt.

The problem is that you saved the mission with modified data and then tried to load it while the mod was disabled/changed. If you run the mission from the beginning only with official content, such error should not appear.

Mods are not official content from Bohemia Interactive.

Thank you for your feedback, have a nice day!

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