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Addon Builder ignores parameters in Path To Project Folder
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Whenever i binarize any of my mods Addon Builder ignores any parameter i set in the Path To Project Folder bar and takes the default one instead.
As a result files are not loaded correctly and my mod is unusable in game.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Open addon builder
-Go to options panel
-Change the "Path To Project Folder"
-Open packed pbo and check directories structure

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Namespace pack should be For P:\DBO\DBO_island

For direct no namespace packed foded or p: \DBO_island

Leave the path blank

This works for me
If the prefix isnt changing then you may need to delete your addonbuilder.log or restart the addonbuilder session

I tried restarting it but didn't solve it.
If i check the log file it says:

2014-06-19 12:39:56,677 [ERROR] - [StandardError]=
2014-06-19 12:39:56,677 [INFO] - Done.
2014-06-19 12:39:56,677 [INFO] - Packing "C:\Users\Operator\AppData\Local\Temp\Cha_Lav25"...
2014-06-19 12:39:57,174 [INFO] - [StandardOutput]=
2014-06-19 12:39:57,175 [ERROR] - [StandardError]=
2014-06-19 12:39:57,175 [INFO] - Done.
2014-06-19 12:39:57,175 [INFO] - Copying PBO. [source]=C:\Users\Operator\AppData\Local\Temp\Cha_Lav25.pbo, [dest]=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@cha_test\addons\Cha_Lav25.pbo
2014-06-19 12:39:57,175 [INFO] - Done.
2014-06-19 12:39:57,175 [INFO] - Build Successful
2014-06-19 12:40:42,482 [INFO] -

Deleting the Addonbuilder.log file doesn't seem to fix the issue.
This is so frustrating.

Is any of the developers ever going to reply or even better fix this??

I've been working for months on several addons and now i can't get to finish them because of some stupid bug.