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Please provide a way of hiding location names on map control
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Let me start with saying that map canvas can be used for many things because of powerful functionality it provides. For example no other UI control offers ability to rotate images, yet you can do this with map control. You can draw on it, interact with it and it has a relation to the ingame coordinates. It can also be configured from description.ext which makes it available for mission makers too.

While it is possible to configure map to become blank canvas, it is not possible to get rid of default location names for config. While there are 101 commands in SQF to deal with locations, the default config locations cannot be altered in any way this way. It looks like the only way of removing those names as it stands is by modding i.e. altering config.

I'd like to make a semi transparent minimap, but the locations are seen through because they remain on the canvas:

Those are defined in

class Names

			class Marina_Bay
				name = "$STR_A3_Marina_Bay0";
				position[] = {2647.88,5989.95};
				type = "NameMarine";
				radiusA = 100.0;
				radiusB = 100.0;
				angle = 0.0;

neither of the following map config params make any difference

colorNames[] = {0,0,0,0};
fontNames = "PuristaMedium";
sizeExNames = 0;


Would it be possible to add a command to hide default location names?

hideLocationNames true/false

or even better

mapCtrl hideLocationNames true/false

whichever is easier.

I, and probably quite a few others, would really appreciate if such command is added at some point


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drawLocations param is added to map control config

@Astaroth, it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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