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Arma III crashes on startup everytime
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Arma 3 crashes (stops working) on its startup everytime. This also applies to DayZ standalone, so it seems to have something to do with the engine. It crashes right after the initial screens. It does not matter whether I run it in fullscreen or windowed or Eyefinity (3 screens). {F24080}


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Just by running Arma 3 or DayZ.

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GPU is stable and all other games are running flawlessly. Graphic drivers are the latest (beta), but even with the previous drivers, the problem remains. The same applies to the sound drivers, I tried several, even mute mode (no sound drivers) Also, dev version is the same. DX was also installed from the package included with the Steam installation (even manually, just to be sure).

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thank you for uploading the ticket. Would it be possible to provide more crashdumps (as many as you can)? It helps us when analysing where the problem is.

Thank you very much.

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