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_PLEASE_ remove the black screen overlay when diving deeper and find a better solution
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Currently, as soon as you dive a bit deeper, a black screen overlay begins to fade in which is supposed to simulate the loss of light in greater depths.
While I like the idea itself, the method of using a screen overlay is very bad. Even when using a flashlight or being in an SDV you see absolutely nothing,
preventing us from making missions in greater depth.


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Place a diver in the open sea, dive, dive, dive.

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In real life you'd die if you were to dive below 30m of depth or so, i'd say the game is even too generous as it is now.

agree with chairborne, if you want to see you have to make sure you can live long enough.

Even inside an SDV?

SDV are not water proof AFAIK.

What kills you is the pressure of the water above your head.
I don't know how SDVs work but i assume they are not meant for deep sea exploration.

I know for a fact that SDVs are not pressurized because if you go underwater in one without wearing a rebreather, you will drown.

The black screen overlay is signalizing how much oxygen you have and when you are going to drown. I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but the overlay which I am talking about is not related to depth in any way and it is not present if you are diver with rebreather.

If you are talking about something else, could you please post a screenshot of this issue? Thanks

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