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Crashing to desktop, ALOT!
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My game seems to be crashing to desktop allot! it never used to do this, but started around a week ago!
Here is the crash files.


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Game Crash
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Join server, play 5-20 mins then crash! Try to rejoin server and crash with-in a few mins sometimes crash at load screen.

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Happens most on servers! they run a version of CTI. their servers are really popular.

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could you please verify your game files via Steam?

After then, please try to run your Arma as an admin.

Thank you.

I did that and re-stalled the game the issue comes back again with-in a day or two.
Just to add some more information
My steam is on C: while my games are on E:

Still getting it, getting really pissed off. can you help me please why am i crashing all the time?

Does the issue happen with single player as well?
Are you using any mods?

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