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Tanks don't drive straight at low speed
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Many Tanks don't drive straight at low speed. The direction they are steering in is random. The magnitude differentiates between Tanks, the worst so far is the Panther APC and the Bobcat.
(Just to clarify - no i dont have any controllers connected that could cause this)

I noticed this problem as i copied the physx part of the Panther to my custom tank, which did drive straight before.

After i commented out the
frictionVsSlipGraph[]= {<stuff>};
line in the Physx part of the Config for the wheels, it drove straight again.
Therefore something must be faulty with the friction thing that causes this very noticeable Side-effect.



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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Grab vehicle, place it on runway. Line it up with a line.
Accelerate slowly to 25kph and hold the speed. Stop to full stop and accelerate again. Rinse&Repeat. It doesn't always happen, but it does most of the time.

The vehicle will drive more or less straight again at higher speeds.

Additional Information

The attached screenshot is the Panther at aprox. 20-25kph

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I can also confirm this, It's a royal pain in the a**e on longer drives.

Confirmed. As well as the fact that a small dumb or elevation causes the tank to completely stop before being about to advance. Drive over a small hill, notice ounce tracks make contact with ground, it stops the tank completely. Probably should make a seperate ticket on this one...

I feel that the Panther is very slow in general (at least with human player as driver). Is that related to this issue? That the tracks don't work properly?

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no it isn't related. Faster tanks (e.g. Moira) also have this issue. With the slow acceleration it takes longer to get out of the banana-mode to higher speed however, so it makes it feel worse.

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