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Some features to be added to arma3
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  1. Please make uniforms changable for everyone like a blufor soldier changing his clothes to csat uniforms and etc.
  1. Make more factions in your next dlcs if you can.
  1. Take on Helicopter features like slings.
  1. Rearmed version of arma3 (all previous game contects in arma3, just like in TOH:rearmed about arma2 contects).
  1. More wildlife
  1. Picture-in-picture on boards like in this clip:

  1. saving missions for publishing on Zeus.
  1. fixing the pmc function that made us add videos (.ogv)


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  1. It's supposed to be like this.
  1. Not happening.
  1. Confirmed for the Helicopters DLC.
  1. Not happening.

That's all I know.

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  1. Already happening.

please make 1 ticket per request

i can see a blufor diver changing to opfor soldier

They changed their mind about it, it was too difficult to make it work with the AI.

If you really want it, there's a mod for it:

Keep in mind that it does NOT trick the AI.

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its not really hard, they would just need to make changeteams a dynamic thing, so that even blufor attacks spies on opfor clothes (like in real life).

Is the picture in picture on boards possible via scripting, I wonder?

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@kazanzakisVery possible.
As for the points you made:
1-Geneva conventions (Bohemia is not going to break them whether the factions that are represented do or not)
2-expect those in the expansions in 2015/16 if at all.
3-less than a month away
4-Already said no (port the sample models yourself)
5-why? Altis and Stratis don't need anything more than goats and rabbits. You may see some with the expansions.
6-possible via scripting
7-already happening if it hasn't already
8-hopefully will happen. Get over it if it doesn't.