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Game Crashing
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Recently there has been a noticeable increase in game crashes while playing King of the hill. Thats really all I play so I don't know if it happens elsewhere. The crashes are happening to many of the regulars I play with. It seems like this started happening after a recent update to Arma. I am attaching a link to a crash dump. Do i just edit this post to add more of them as they happen? Also, can other people attach theirs (or have me do it) or would they need to open an incident themselves?

crashdump files:


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seems to be random

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Things i have tried:

disabled addons
disabled Cross-fire (unrelated: this gave me noticeable video quality improvements)

If the crashes happen every time the game loads, rebooting seems to bandage it somewhat (only had this issue one time. couldn't play due to crashing on every load attempt)

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thank you for uploading the issue. WOuld it be possible to upload as many crashdumps as possible? Thank you!

For some reason, now crashes only seem to generate .RPT files. No bidmp or mdmp files. I have made sure to wait when it crashes and not end task. I have waited as long as 10 minutes.

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