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Artillery AT Mines unrealistic and too powerful
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One AT Mines shell places very many mines in an area. I tested the Scorcher and found 8 mines at the area of impact. These are pretty powerful mines than can disable heavy armor with one hit. Is this realistic? Lets see... Powerful mines, perhaps equivalent to 10kg AT Mine. 10kg * 8 = 80kg mines in one shell? Not even close to realistic.

Lets compare that to a real life artillery projectile. How about the US M107 155mm projectile. Total wheight is 43.88kg. Explosive warhead is 6.6 - 7kg. How does one fit 80kg of mines in one of these shells? :D

This issue is important for balancing reasons becouse the AT Mine shell is not only unrealistic, it is also very overpowered, something I experienced yesterday on a warfare server where I was commanding OPFOR forces.

My proposal to fix both of these issues is to only include one AT mine per shell fired, but increase the ammount of shells carried by each artillery piece. This will make it slightly more difficult to use and it will take more time to deploy an effective minefield. It is also more realistic considering what kind of warhead the 155mm projectiles can deploy.


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Information on M107 155mm artillery projectile:

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I'm not going to complain about the AP mine cluster shell. They are much smaller mines after all so I think thats fine. The problem is with the AT mines. That should not be a "cluster" shell.

There is an 155mm artillery shell with nine AT mines IRL but those mines are very very smal and have some drawbacks that we don't have ingame. For instace: They only work on soft surface. Try to employ them on asphalt or concrete and they are crushed on impact and are of no use.

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advantage : powerfull shells + high firing range
disavantage : weakness defense + slow motion + innacurate

So this is normal (for me) that it fires 8 mines as it is really innacurate.
Moreover as you said, thoses mines are very small, and a Scorcher don't have so many mine rounds.

If we start to nerve this, we'll have to nerves other shells, then nerves everything for a final flat casual game. This is the role of the mission maker to make the game fair. Well this is my opinion, and this is why i voted NO. :)

The only unfair thing that i see : when mines fall near ennemy AI, AI doesn't react, like "oh, it's raining, no matter..."

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This is not just about balancing, this is also unrealistic.

I would be okay with it if they did not work on hard surfaces, like runways.