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MP lagging/desync
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After the patch 1.20 players still warping slightly at close range, at long range i cant even hit them any more because they teleport 10-20m. Vhicles still stuck in the air and jeeps flying.

Where is the network fix promised?

have a 50 Mbit/s connection with 22-25 Ping and 0% packet loss, dont get whats the reason for this, oh and voice over ip ingame still laggs too, you cant understand a full sentence


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Play on high populated server

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It gets worse over a certain distance like 200-300meters especially when the other player walks up stairs f.e. in military towers they glitch oustside and can be seen even if they are walking inside and so can be spotted or not attacked because their position is totally different than the gmae shows.

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It's really annoying in jet combat. The new netcode clearly can't handle the speeds involved for 2 jets slugging it out. When a frame drops, there's a 'hang' first and then a huge warp.

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Finally someone else noticed it, thought i am the only one!

after the 1.24 update the problem is still present.

YT-Vid example: