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Namespace changes cause Bin config error in tools folder
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With new path of packing for namespace in relation to path to project folder :
p:\dbo\( this wont give right prefix now)

there is an error given everytime with Error in config p:\binarize\bin\config.cpp


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pack any addon and use namespace packing as described above and error will appear

Error in config p:\binarize\bin\config.cpp

press OK addon packs .

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After changing the Logger.xml errors of L:\ to P:\ i now get a log and found the error as reported above

Error in config p:\Binarize\bin\config.cpp
p:\Binarize\bin\config.cpp/CfgLights/ObjectDestructionLight.brightness: Cannot update non array from array

i get this error too. acknowledged mean it is a bug or its not?

could you please paste/upload the log? will be very useful. thanks

I would love too but logs are nolonger created past the start up and if you try to use namespace on win 8.1 it will delete the sourcefiles of the p drive

The bat files are written by a hobbyist
The log.xml was goodbut now broke
The buldozer nolonger goes to the pdrive

Dev p should be banned and the code writer sent to IT school or satelite painting duties.
Mapdisk is patheticly overwritten and pedantic

Setting.ini is not authorised to access paths and its irrelevant because the Default setting is Default and by Default there is no paths because devp and map disk are pathetic.
its only funny because the guy messing up the code every update and causing so many problems is now making even more .exe`s to verify registry and paths and those exe are even less use than the registry and batfiles that they are designed to check (apart from image.paa gui which was already done by another ).

Is it true all this incredulous keystone copesque breaking of oyr workflow is an actual known procedure ?
If the crit seems harsh , I believe after spending 2 evenings of spare time trying to fix the tools and P:drive after every update and the changelog representative of no actual justification for the break to my workflow and not withstanding the guy whos writing the code thats breaking the pipeline spending his time on tools for updating community tools rather than replying here on feedback , I earned the right to be slightly peed off.

Hi, is this still happenning to you? thx

Hi Cooper
This is an old rant and no longer applicable in its entirety
The only outstanding issue is the p3d files are no longer copied to temp for ID of class in the geometry Losds and. so icons not are applied to terrains for trees Et al and oxygen no longer has the FBX import via arma 3 tools gui route


Hi, will close this issue. Are those problems mentioned above reported? If no could you please create new issue for them? Thx

fixed meanwhile