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Desync MP
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I have noticed strong desyncing on players in MP that are far in the distance(800m+).

My ping on this servers is about 25-30 ms and it happens since two weeks now.

I already checked package loss and stuff, but it semms that may connection in general is fine.

Is it just me or do you guys got the same issues ?


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Dont really now how to do that.

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this desync issues will be resolved in next stable update (1.20).

Thank you.

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well, 1.20 is out or not? still desync like hell...

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If it has not be fixed with this update, it is most probably an issue with data packets being sent between you and the server you are connected to. This is known as packet loss (Which i believe is also known as "De-sync", but don't quote me) The issue you are having is an issue with the hard-code of the game and the server too. Some improvements, i hope, would have been made better with 1.20, but problems may be with the server you are on.

Well i played on this server for about 6 months and this desync shit starts to happen since 1,18 so i dont think its my connection between the server and me.
Also i dont find anything in the patch notes thats supposed to fix the desync stuff .

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Still nr desync fix i guess?