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paratroopers explode when landing on buildings
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Sometimes the AI for some reason decides its a good idea to land from a paradrop in a building, the problem comes that when he does that the game assumes a vehcile (parachute) collided against the building.

Results? an explosion, a BIG one. Even able to destroy the buildings surrounding it. {F24011}


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Game Physics
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Just paradrop at any Alt. and land on a roof of any house.

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Wait, really? That's hilarious! I have to test this out now.

Ill be eager to see if it happens to you too, or if its the result of my mods.

Added a repro mission. Could not reproduce.

It's a CBA related bug:
It should be fixed with the newest CBA version released today.

Thanks for the extra info, fennecus.

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So wait, Jay Crowe has been replaced by Michael Bay as creative director?

Nimrod, that comment alone must get you an internet point.

Closing according to to ViperMaul.