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Parallax free HUD's needed for aircraft
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It's a big immersion breaker that the HUD's in the aircrafts have parallax. That is not how a real HUD works. I see a missed opportunity here that can be improved. Clearly we have parallax free optics for small arms so the game engine must have the capability to set this right. This is also a good opportunity to fully integrate the targeting system into the HUD instead of the immersion breaking white diamond around targets.


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Yes, I would also like this to get fixed.

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Care to explain for me?

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It's not the easiest thing to explain so I will just point you to a wiki article if thats okay?

If you have ever used a flight simulator like BMS or DCS then I think you will understand.

Edit: Another wiki article if the first was not enough:

oukej added a comment.May 27 2014, 5:12 PM

Could you, please, provide a video depicting the issue?

We had this issue previously when the HUD elements were not collimated (if I am getting it right). But that was connected to a wrong memory point in some of the characters' models and was fixed in March.

Just a note - this does not apply to HMDs which do not currently work properly at all in A3.

These screenshots are not perfect but I hope they illustrate the issue. This is the independent fixed wing but the other's have the same issue too.

I'm on main branch 1.18

oukej added a comment.May 27 2014, 9:30 PM

Yup, confirming it now. It is still that one particular character (pilot) bug. It seems like we fixed only part of the issue (it only works when the view is centered with slight head movement due to centrifugal force) and it gets broken once you enter freelook or if use head-tracking device.

Try to enter the plane as rifleman and everything will work as it should.

Thanks for the visual cue!

Just tried the rifleman. I use TrackIR5 for looking around. I noticed that it works when I only look left, right, up and down. The issue starts to show when tilting my head.

oukej added a comment.May 28 2014, 9:23 AM

True, I am sorry. Have just tested it at work properly with the TIR and roll axis really breaks it even in that case.

Tested in 1.20 and as expected the issue is still present.

rogerx added a comment.Nov 2 2014, 3:47 PM

How about the latest developer version? I think this parallax issue is fixed when flying the Ocra?

In other words, the target cross hairs remain fixed on the target ahead, while still being able to look around without the target cross hairs moving with the head motions.