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Access Violation, App Crash, App Hang every session - only a matter of time
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The game loads up fine. Usually I'll get anywhere between 5 minutes and 20 minutes. Then - crash. The screen freezes, and then I have to ctl+alt+del to task mgr to get back to windows. It then usually presents one of the following:

  • Access Violation
  • appcrash
  • apphangb1 {F24003} {F24004} {F24005}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Just load up and play the game - no specific triggers, and happens regardless of multiplayer or single player mode.

Additional Information

I have all video and sound drivers fully updated. Same for direct x. I have tried taking computer to stock conditions, and multiple stages of OC - does not matter, crash still happens. I run other games just fine with no crashes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled ArmA III. I've verified cache.

Attached are files of crashes.

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could you please try to switch to Steam Dev and see if the problem is still present? We have updated memory allocators.

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you very much.

are these crashes happening on current Steam Stable 1.20?

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