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Game freezes when attempting to configure addons
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I attempted to enable a new 3rd party mod after having downloaded latest update to dev-branch. The game started as normal. Upon reaching the main menu, I attempted to access the "configure addons" function but game froze, requiring Task Manager to force quit the game.

Attempted several times with no other applications running. Still froze.

Deleted all mods from Arma 3 folder and reverted Arma 3 to vanilla status. Attempted several times to access "configure addons" but game froze every time.


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Game Freezes
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Click configure -> Addons

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Still occurs without any mods installed. Vanilla Arma 3 Dev.

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Just to clarify - this did not occur with an earlier version of Dev branch (haven't played for about a month) with same mods. Only just started happening after update.

are you able to specify if this behaviour is caused by one particular addon or if it is in general when any addon is activated?

Thank you.

There are no addons activated at all. I cannot activate or disable mods using Arma 3 because attempting to access the menu to do this freezes the game. I have removed all the mods from the Arma 3 root folder in order to disable them as I originally thought it might have been one of them misbehaving. I am subsequently unable to reactivate them and so they remain disabled.