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GPS should show waypoint
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It would be very useful to pilots (and anyone else with a GPS) if you could see the exact direction and distance of your waypoint on the GPS screen.
On higher difficulties you can't see your HUD waypoint and the helicopter waypoint instruments are missing/non-functional

There is no reason why a GPS should not be able to replicate such functionality and this would be a more immersive way to keep track of your waypoint than the game HUD marker {F23996}


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On a related note, I asked for a pilot class simple waypoint creation system.(Issue # 0006391) Just click on the map to add waypoints. A show/hide waypoints button on the player map could show or hide the pilot waypoint route, if non-pilots didn't want to see it. (The default should probably be OFF for non-pilots).

BIS seemed to like the idea, but they're too busy chasing other bugs to implement it.

I saw that and it would be great, but I figured this would be much simpler to implement.
And if your request does get implemented I would still like to see those waypoints on my GPS

I would really love to see waypoints integrated completely into the vehicles (for example, waypoint would show up on hud as WP1 and have the distance, as well as have a marker on the compass to show the direction of the waypoint. But this seems to be the next best thing to that. +1 for sure.

Bug #0006391, "[Feature request] Draw your own waypoints on the map! (for Pilot Class). Side use: Coordinated ground attack!"