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Civilian Van
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Since the alpha there has been wrecks of a silver van dotted around the map. While I can understand why so many of the other wrecks do not have a working counterpart. The van seems to make little sense especially as it could have a few of uses.
Possible variants:
Basic van with large storage space
Ambulance (CIV/FIA)
MPV(Transport truck)(CIV/FIA)
Repair truck (CIV/FIA)
Ammo truck (FIA)

It could also use the modular system that the offroader uses and include beacons as well as other stuff.

In the end a addition of the van would fill a few gaps in the FIA support and give some more variety to the Civilians too.


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Agreed, was wondering myself why there is a wreckage of it, but no actual vehicle.

here are some screenshots for those who are wondering what the wreck looks like:,ybgcVKF,2ltkKYf

Any news on this?

Will this maybe come with the expansion?

Hopefully, I've realised it would act as a good transport or MHQ. plus you could fire from vehicles with the sliding doors open :D