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Arma 3 crashes on lauch
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When i lauch arma 3 it chrashes and windows says "arma 3 has stopped working".
i have googled for solutions and i havent found any solution for my case.

things i have tried:
-i have removed all dll files from arma 3 folder
-verified arma3 files through steam
-reinstalled directx, qpu drivers

theres rpt from latest crash (5minutes ago)

PC specs:
i5 3570k 3.4ghz
asrock z77 extreme 4
gtx 660 msi
corsair vengeance lp 2x4gb
corsair cx500m psu
all arma files on a western digital green 1tb but steam on kingston v300 120gb ssd


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it looks like the crash dumps were not created (we need rpt + bidmp + mdmp file). It could be that your game actually did not crash or it crashed and was killed off (via task manager) too quickly for crashdumps to create.

Next time it freezes, please try to wait a minute or two so the dumps have time to create. If there are no crashdumps after then, we'll try to find another solution.

Thank you.

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it worked now for about 5hours with windows firewall off and avast off. now it started crashing when i had firewall and avast off so i turned them back on. then i joined altis life server and about 3 minutes and crash. my friend says that dump files are only created if the game crashes due to an issue in the game. if the game crashes due to a driver issue or Windows crash, they won't be written. and i dont have bidmp + mdmp files, i only have rpt file. heres the rpt from the latest crash.

Well, it really looks like your game was crashed (by 3rd side) unexpectedly. There are no reports in your rpt usual for crashes. Crashdumps create almost every time Arma is crashed. These are not created when it is force shut down (but there is an error report in rpt instead - not in this case, though).

I would suggest to try to determine which program is causing this behaviour. (Firewall and antivirus are excellent for a start). Sorry for inconveniences, but at this states with no data for analysis provided, we cannot do much more.

now i played with my friend for 2-3hours without any crashes at all. and i have firewall and avast on so if it is going to crash again i must figure the program that causes these crashes.

when i start to play after night, i must start and crash arma 3 for 4-5 times then i wont crash anymore... my friend said that when i crashed it said: "steam ticket check failed". i deleted "PhysX3_x86.dll" file and verified steam arma 3 files it didnt do nothing.

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