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Location Direction, and edit Bohemia Locations
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So i try to make my own location, during that i found out some problems about Location! So its not possible to Delete Existing Location! also isnt able to edit some things on this location, (cant change Text of this location).
And the getDir Command not work for any of Location, if its an existing or my self created location!

Also some of the City Locations are not big enough, and some Citycenter arent in center of that citys...


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I tryed All on Basic Locations (existing locations), and also on my self created locations! on self crested locations all works find, only the getDir and setDirection also not work here!

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/* Location Types:

Strategic            Arma 3, No Location from basic
StrongpointArea      Arma 3, No Location from basic
FlatArea             Arma 3, No Location from basic
FlatAreaCity         Arma 3, No Location from basic
FlatAreaCitySmall    Arma 3, No Location from basic
CityCenter           Arma 3, Locations found
Airport              Arma 3, No Location from basic
NameMarine           Arma 3, Locations found
NameCityCapital      Arma 3, Locations found
NameCity             Arma 3, Locations found
NameVillage          Arma 3, Locations found
NameLocal            Arma 3, Locations found
Hill                 Arma 3, Locations found
ViewPoint            Arma 3, No Location from basic
RockArea             Arma 3, No Location from basic
BorderCrossing       Arma 3, No Location from basic
VegetationBroadleaf  Arma 3, No Location from basic
VegetationFir        Arma 3, No Location from basic
VegetationPalm       Arma 3, No Location from basic
VegetationVineyard   Arma 3, No Location from basic


_My_Searchpool = ["NameLocal"]; //Put more location types in if want

										_My_COORD_XY = [15000,16000]; // Center Coordinates of Altis

_My_Range_X = 100000; // Range of Search (Whole Map)

// Find nearest location of defined type (List of all that location on Altis)
_nearestCity = nearestLocations [_My_COORD_XY, _My_Searchpool, _My_Range_X];

_location_selectNr = 0;
_location_X = _nearestCity select _location_selectNr; //1. Location of that List

_locationDir = getDir _location_X; <- Not Work Arma 3, on all locations!
_locationName = text _location_X;
<- Not Work Arma 3, on basic Locations!
_location_X_name = Name _location_X; // <- Not Work Arma 3, on basic Locations!

location setDirection 45; // <- Not Work Arma 3, on all locations!

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  1. To return the direction of a location, use the direction command:
  1. Locations built into each map are no different from any other map object. They cannot be edited or deleted. Related to #6783.
  1. Bad location and size of the locations built into BI maps is covered by #18303

thx ceeeb!

but a question to point 1.
What is then the difference between "getDir" and "Direction".
getDir = Returns the direction of a location.
Directions = Returns the direction an location is facing.

    Wiki Description "direction":
    "Returns the direction an object or a location is facing (differs from 
     getDir in that this also works with locations)."

What is meant with facing a location?
Or, is it in ARMA3 like this, that getDir never works for location, and the new
command is "direction"?

Point 2. is Upvoted :-)
Point 3. is Upvoted :-)

Hello there,

i'm interested if the locations syntax and/or the locations in Arma3 Altis, will be finished in future? or is it a given up projekt?

closer to my question:
there are citys, villages etc. predefined on Altis, but still 11 Month after my earlier posts, the predefined Locations on altis aren't finished.
(what i mean, most/some of the City Areas (locations) not fit the city (some houses not inside the location)

So i think about to create my own locations for the spots on Altis, also for the Airports (that not predefined), but thats impossible, because the set Directions syntax, do not work for location (setdir btw also not work), to make just a bigger circle will maybe work for some city, but for airports this additional help will look strange (if i do that for the main Airport, i had 2 citys in that location, because the circle will be to big).

Also strange is that it is only the set direction Syntax, that dont work, all other works fine? but without the direction syntax, all the rest is useless!

direction <- works fine
drawLocation <- unknown (not tested)
getVariable <- unknown (not tested)
importance <- works fine
in location <- works fine
locationNull <- works fine
locationPosition <- works fine
name location <- works fine
nearestLocation <- works fine
nearestLocations <- works fine
position location <- works fine
rectangular <- works fine
setDirection <- not work!!!
setImportance <- works fine
setName <- works fine
setPosition <- works fine
setRectangular <- works fine
setSide <- works fine
setSize <- works fine
setText <- works fine
setType <- works fine
setVariable <- unknown (not tested)
side location <- works fine
size <- works fine
text location <- works fine
type <- works fine

I know you guys working hard for all of us, but is it possible to finish the "Set direction" syntax a lit bit earlier?

If it help, i will spend work and find out the right fit and positions, angle for all the locations on Altis for you, and send it to you guys, for free!
(but my offer will not work without the "set direction", because the right angle is needed for it).

Or is the locations realy a givven up projekt?

In dev build 1.43.129971, setDirection works as expected. What is the problem you see with it? Note that the direction of a location does not affect location text displayed on the in game map.

test code:

location1 = createLocation ["NameCity", getPos player, 200, 200];
location1 setText "TestLocation";
location1 setDirection 45;
//direction location1 returns 45 as expected

location1 setDirection 60;
//direction location1 returns 60 as expected.

Answering your question from last year, the direction command works with locations, getDir does not.
You can only use direction to return the direction of a location.

Thx again ceeeb for your quick answer!
You help me a lot! You are absolute right, set direction works perfect, was 100%
my false!
But there is a big point to know about that, otherwise you get no return of the
"direction" syntax, that was my case...

the point is the Variable have to be Global, not local!

Example 1:
_locationDir = direction _location_X; <-- do not return anything, not work!

Example 2:
_locationDir = direction location_X; <-- Works perfect.

I really spend a lot of time to find an answer of that problem, i google, read post, but nothing helped,...
And now the answer was so easy,... sry... shame on me!

Last Point, i dont know if you are from Bohemia it selfs,...
But my Offer stands, if it help i will send the rest of the missing location information, when i finished with it (ex: Airport, Armycamps etc.).

Again thx!

resolving as not a bug