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Water above sea level
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We need an engine-level solution for water above sea level. This limitation can be very restrictive when developing a new terrain. In VBS2, this was solved by having two separate heightmaps defined for a given terrain: one for land, the other for any water surfaces. The water surfaces are defined via shapefiles in the editor and then converted into a water heightmap. The water heightmap is then referenced in the terrain's config file. A variation of this solution could be implemented in Arma 3, allowing for inland rivers, ponds, and lakes. Terrain developers would no longer need to create customized pond objects that must be "sewed" together as is currently necessary. This method is clunky, unrealistic, and rarely works as intended. While this feature may not benefit Bohemia's current terrains, it would be a great boon to the community. {F23953} {F23954}


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For a better explanation of the VBS2 solution, see here:

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Still no solution. Even ponds from A2 are not working in A3 anymore. I'll probably remove lakes from my A2-A3 conversion maps and put a sign there "There is supposed to be a pond here, but not available in A3." ;)

Besides: I'm not keen of lowering my real-life terrain data to get rivers on height:0meters. It is too much work especially on mountainous terrain where rivers flow "down" =)

Yeah, it's really disappointing. According to Dr Hladik, they aren't fully ignoring the pond issue, but it's not a priority item for them right now. Rivers, he said, are not planned at all. It's understandable given everything they're working on, but it is holding back progress for some terrain developers. I hope that Arma gets a proper water implementation one day. Maybe we'll get lucky and finally get it with the expansion for Arma 5 in 2022.