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Underwater smoke always turns white
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Ive you trow a smoke grenade into water, when it reaches the top it always turns white, doesnt matter ive its white, green, blue, etc. {F23951} {F23952}


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strow colored smoke into not too deep water.

observe the smoke on the top.

always turns out white ignoring the actual color

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thank you for uploading the ticket. However, I was not able to reproduce the problem. As an attachment, I added a screenshot where you can see that the green smoke (thrown under water) stays green. White smoke was thrown on surface (beach) and is there for a comparsion.

Could you please upload such screenshot so we can compare the results? Also, are you using any mod?

Thank you!

I've uploaded a mission to repro what I think he means, you'll see it best in 3rd person. However, I don't believe it's a bug.

The smoke is grey on the surface if the grenade is underwater, this is seen more clearly if you swim down and watch the smoke produced at the top of the bubble stream.