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Respawn template MenuPosition does not respect respawnOnStart = 0
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When the respawn template MenuPosition is used with respawnOnStart = 0 the player's unit is teleported randomly to one of the respawn marker positions.

The expected behaviour is for all units to start the mission on the position where they were placed in the editor. {F23946}


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Add this to your description.ext:
respawn = 3;
respawnDelay = 10;
respawnDialog = 0;
respawnTemplates[] = {"Base", "MenuPosition"};
respawnOnStart = 0;

Add 1 west soldier and 3 markers named respawn_west_1, respawn_west_2, respawn_west_3.

Start the mission. You should respawn randomly in one of the 3 markers' positions.

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although I cannot confirm the issue with respawn markers, I can with loadouts ("MenuInventory"), because those are selected randomly as well.
A workaround I found on the forums is this: put 'allowFunctionsRecompile = 1' in your missions's description.ext and 'BIS_fnc_initRespawn = {true}' in your soldier's init line. Made the random-loadout-thing disappear.
Anyway, this is not how it's supposed to be.

The ticket title doesn't describe the problem. (Too general)

Added repro mission.

This makes no sense at all. Of course mission makers want their units to start the mission where they placed them in the editor... not at a RANDOM location.

Like it is right now, teams don't even start at the same location sometimes.

Same applies to JIP, they are starting at a RANDOM location.

This is unacceptable and breaks a lot of missions. (Must add setpos workaround just to start where it is intended)

I can confirm, that

respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"};

affects your playable unit's spawn location/start position and will not have them start the mission from where you've actually placed them in the editor.

This is some kind of a major issue for mission building.

Confirm this issue still exists post 1.26 (yawn). It's now four months since this ticket was created and still no fix. This is a very serious issue and makes mission editing very tricky. I think it's fair to say that all players expect there to be a reliable working respawn (and revive) system in Arma3. And as far as content creators go, we expect a simple reliable method to incorporate this functionality into the levels we make - without this feature breaking our missions every few months when a new patch is released.

Please escalate this issues importance.

This issue also relates to the respawn module and BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition / BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition. It seems if you add a respawn position at startup via any method (module, respawn_west marker, or BIS_fnc) with respawnOnStart = 0 - players are spawned to one of the predefined spawn points as previously mentioned.

The most reliable work around seems to be to delay the creation of a respawn point until post mission start. I'm sure there is a proper work around but since this is a really important issue I don't see why we (BIS customers) should constantly have to find solutions to these kind of problems!

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Also experiencing this issue while designing a mission. Thought I would give this a bump since we just had a version change.

Confirm still not fixed as of end Jan 2015.

respawnOnStart = 0 has no effect - on start players are spawned at respawn_west or alternative spawn points and not at mission start position.

Would really appreciate it if you could fix this issue.
We can work around it but it's kind of IMPORTANT!

This really is a major bug, I have spent 3 days trying to find a solution and only just came across this page, so it should be noted that a great many more people are likely to be experiencing this and simply giving up.

*Please fix this soon!*

1.38.128937 and its still a problem.

Really wish this issue would be assigned to someone. Don't understand why it hasn't even been reviewed yet. It's a fairly serious issue.

As a another workaround, attaching every respawn module to a trigger prevents them being used until the trigger is activated.

This results in the initial spawn being as planned in the editor.

The trigger can then be activated at any point to enable the spawn points, allowing "MenuPosition" to work as it should.

Unfortunately this does not affect players joining in progress, therefore this still needs to be fixed.

Soon would be good too.

This is related to #14585

respawnOnStart=0 Doesn't work when using "MenuPosition".
Would be nice to have this fixed.
I am using version 1.38

A few more months and this important ticket will be a year old! A moderator will probably just close soon due to inactivity. I had this happen before. You have to wonder how that works - we the customers go to the trouble of reporting issues and keep the ticket alive - but due to BIS inactivity it gets closed!? Go figure. Well all we can do is hope - and keep annoying them with stupid messages like this one until it gets assigned or we die of boredom.

Confirm, problem still exists... push...

Issue is still present and very annoying now that can't alter BIS functions with a new config anymore!

This important ticket is now almost exactly a year old! Please BIS - assign this to someone.

Yes, this is still an issue... Player is not respawned on start but moved to respawn_side marker.

Bumping. I think this ticket needs to be given priority! Come on BIS please allocate this to someone.