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P: Drive UAC problems
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Bat files and Registries broken since April
Since the update of 2nd and 3rd itteration of tools all tools now have a problem
it seems the UAC on my windows 8.1 system does not like the changes made in the updates after v1.0
I had 100% working tools including usage of sample data from A2 now some of the tools do not see the P:drive some do if started with Admin ,
i have to start as user and admin all files including steam to achieve a working set (80% working).
Please can we get a rol back link to v1.0 of the tools :(.


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run DevP.bat ( well dont)
There is no correlation between P:drive that is created and the tools if your Game is not on C:\
Whilst there is some description its inadequate and when followed matioulasly you will still have problems with Paths of textures from o2 placing P: or not or placing the real drive g:\

Major problem is and maybe a massive loophole , the Game actually seems to be able to read a texture on P:\ so some released addons may break beause the downloader will not have a P:\
i noticed BIS themselves are a victim of this same error too as they use o:\ and we get Errors

o:\arma3\a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\wave\hubwave_move1.rtm not found or empty

Obviously BIS are not aware of this error ( or the DEV ) because on your end you have an O:\

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Diabolical really needs a rethink the whole system in relatiojn to P: or not P: , admin and user rights etc.

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It seems like you didn't map your working dir correctly. P Drive Batch uses the dos command "subst", therefore it needs the rights to map the dir AND the drive.

My game is also not installed on C:, it's on H: and Tools are on E:.
if you take a look at the settings.ini (, you will be able to point to correct paths since Arma's P Drive Batch isn't perfect (indeed).
If you use the settings.ini, registry values are not needed to configure the batch correctly.

Additionally: As P:\ is just a substitute of a working path, Arma 3 CoreFiles have to be unbin'ed and in root of P(your working path) - which is a direct mirror of the game structure - to use with buldozer and packing. This means, if you are using a texture that comes with the game, you are just referencing the path, P: is NOT the absolute path, it is simply a "placeholder" for the packed game structure.

Anyways, it might help to lower or temporarily disable UAC permissions or take ownership of your involved folders.

The RTM errors are not caused by this, they are somehow faulty or simply do not exist or any other bug is involved.

"Anyways, it might help to lower or temporarily disable UAC permissions or take ownership of your involved folders."

That wouldnt help anybody at all with windows 8.1 im afraid as it will cause 3 FPS in Bulldozer and game , as stated at MS "some Apps may freeze by disabling UAC" , Arma3 is one of those apps.

Anyway for the record its fixed now for me now i got a rollback thanks to BIS , for anyone else who wants a dirty fix : Always run all tools via steam , its a pain in the ass and your whitelist will be reset if you start any tool before P: . and always steam as Admin.

As for RTMS , sorry but if a prefix of o: is there and not in config or Binary p3d it is the same cause as i stated in 18842