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Sound is Inverted hearing right sounds in left ear bud and left sounds in right
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I have had this issue for a few months but before I just flipped my headset around to play arma 3. But today I got a new headset in which I cannot flip because of the mic location. I have tried restarting the game, using my old headset in front form, and done a few different sound tests to make sure it was not my computer. I hear left sounds in my right ear and right sounds in my left ear. I would like to know how to fix this so that I may be able to play good again. {F23937}


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I have tried restarting the game, joining different servers, playing multiplayer, but it seems that this always happens in any situation.

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I would like to get back to playing ArmA 3 hearing sounds correctly. This does not happen on other games or happen on my computer in general. Any possible fix's will be tried.

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This is not an ArmA3 related issue!

Ok, what kind of soundcard are you using?

If you are using your onboard/mainboard sound and you plugged in your headphones in your tower audio front, try to switch the connection pins (left channel <-> right channel) on the connection cables (mainboard -> tower).

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Seems to me like he's saying that other games work just fine, so it's not likely to be a connection issue.

But yes, knowing what soundcard you´re using would probably help.

It appears I have realtek high definition audio sound card. I also know this must not be a system problem as I have done various right to left sound tests to make sure they were not switched, this is only on arma 3. I'm not sure about other games though, i will test that shortly and reply back.

It appears it also happends on DayZ SA as well. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall both games, some settings may have been configured when I turned around my old headset and inverted the sounds on it.

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I know it sounds cheesy but how about switching the earphones? But, yeah, its probably a sound-card issue. Also try turning the number of sounds in a 3D space down in the in-game audio options.

I would switch the earphones as I did before on my old headset, but i got a new one in which I can't

ah, ok. How about something in driver settings for realtek.


could you please upload your DX-Diag file? It would help us a lot.
You can find how to get your file here:

Thank you.

I uploaded my DxDiag file, just an update i'm still having the issue for all games
on my computer. Its hard to deal with so any information would help a lot.

I'm sorry to bump this or try to rush anything but i'm still having this problem and no matter what I try I still hear sounds inverted only in games. I understand it's not only in arma 3 and not much your problem anymore,but any help would be so great. I've searched google for miles trying to find out what the problem is went thought pages and pages of stuff but still can't resolve the issue, i've tested 3 different headsets with them on the right way and tried many different games and also tested sound out of game, but it seems to only invert in-game. Please help.

I will be guessing right now but if you are using some software linked with audio drivers (Realtek HD Audio Manager is a good example), you can set audio profiles for different occasions. It is possible that the profile you have set as "Game" has its channels reversed. I would suggest to try to play with that a bit as it might be the actual problem.