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Elite Mode Inconsistencys
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Certain things should be off or allowed to be turned off in Elite mode.

The hint box showing mag bullet count and weapon in hand.
The Auto-hover and auto-landing.
The shift click way-point OFF in ALL VEHICLES.
Squad lead hexagon not showing when coming in and out of map.
Icons for doors, vehicles or any other interaction not appearing on screen.
Open players backpack remaining as a contextual option and not appearing onscreen.
Elite option to server lock the Gamma and brightness.


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Play in Elite mode

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These are suggestions of things that should have an option to be disabled in Elite mode.

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It would also be nice if you could disable the HUD reticle in the jets. Their built in HUDs already have a reticle in them, and now that the HUDs are properly aligned now you don't really need the white crosshair overlay. It would look a whole lot nicer. The Orca's HUD works like this and it looks much better.

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Another thing which most people who use elite mode do is try to disable the player AI radio message and radio subtitles.

Disabling the Radio messages the players send also disables the AI radio messages so that in coop all Enemy AI no longer talk.
There is no current way to disable only the Player radio chat sounds like "enemy spotted" without using a mod.

There is also no way to currently disable radio subtitles without using a mod.

Both of these should be a configurable setting in possibly the description.ext.