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Game crashes when trying to join a modded server or when changing mission on an unmodded one
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I am part of a small community(+-20) and 3 of our members have started to be unable to join our modded server since the 1.18 update. When they try to join our server they CTD and, in the server, we see the steam ticket error.

They are able to join unmodded servers, but if the mission is changed while they are in the server, they all crash.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Modded server:
-Server was running the mods : @CBA_A3 and @task_force_radio
-Player was running @CBA_A3, @sthud_a3, @task_force_radio, and @VTS_weaponResting
-Join the server

Changing missions:

  • Join server
  • Enter and is able to play
  • Admin use #missions to change missions
  • Crash during the loading screen
Additional Information

I will add the dxdiag files as soon as possible

We tried reinstalling the game and mods but the issues is still here

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thank you for the response. However, we cannot determine what exactly caused your game to crash. It is necessary you tried to run your Arma without any mods. If the crashes still happen then, please send another crashdumps.

If the crashes stop (on Arma without mods), please try to activate mods one by one until you find out which one causes the crashes.

Mods are not official content from Bohemia Interactive and it is very likely that the CTDs you are experiencing are caused by collisions between two or more mods.

Please let us know, thank you.

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