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Same issue as described on case: 0001826 - Problem being the fact that the game freezes. ;)
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Game just seems to freeze up after random amount of time in multiplayer. In game sounds start to loop and game is dead.

Got the same "problem" as the fellow on case 0001826 except that naturally you can just kill the process from cmd etc. Basic windows stuff.


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In the Arma 3.rar is included the folder and it's content from my %userprofile%\appdata\local\Arma 3\ and in addition my dxdiag result.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. From the crashdumps you sent it can be told that you are running mod called "PUBattleRoyale." It is necessary you tried to run your Arma without any mods. If the crashes still happen then, please send another crashdumps.

Mods are not official content from Bohemia Interactive and it is possible that the CDS you have been experiencing are caused by these mods.

Please let us know, thank you.

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