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Zeus game master crash
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when i join to zeus game server as gamemaster and press m the game crash with error: Arma Stopped Workind code 0*000005 {F23877}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

1 join in game master altis 16+2 official or not
2 join as game master (zeus)
3 connect to the server
4 when the ui is ready press m and the game will crash

Additional Information

it happen when i join as game master alway
when i join as player sometimes it crash
i joined in your server yesterday the nato version
Official zeus game server by bohemia 16+2 nato nl 02;03

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thank you for submitting the ticket. I was not able to reproduce it. However, our programmers will analyse the crashdumps to see if there is any valid data.

Have a nice day.

Hello again,

our programmers analysed the data and applied a fix. Can you please confirm that these crashes are not happening anymore on Steam Dev 1.19.124207 and higher?

To switch to Steam Dev, please follow steps right here:

Thank you very much.

confirmed thx you

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