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TakeMagazine does nothing
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TakeMagazine causes the unit to act out the animation but the magazine is not transfered to the unit.


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Windows 7
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Create a unit , create an ammo box. fill with a known magazine

unit action["TakeMagazine",box,magazineClass];

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Sadly, I was not able to reproduce the problem. Could you please create a simple repro mission on Stratis? It would help a lot.

Thank you.

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the attached mission doesn't work for me (though I'm not on the dev build).
-Radio Alpha adds 1 mag to the box

  • Radio Bravo tells the civilian "bob" to pick that mag up (bob plays the animation)
  • Radio Charlie checks bob's mags via magazinedetail

thank you

This is because this action is still broken (reported beg of Feb)

wonder why its not reproducible on the devs end? oh and killzone, your scripting blog is amazing keep it up.

it *is* reproducible on dev branch, and thank you :)

Closing as duplicate. However, repro mission is great and will be used for reproducing and debuging. Thank you!

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