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Survive Drawdown 2035 Bugs and crash in newest devbranch
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  1. After Adams finishes dialogue and gets intro HEMTT MH-9 crew dismounts leaving us unable to continue mission (Loading the game fixes this issue).
  2. Helicopter at Maxwell landing point changed now it landed closer to the rocks.
  3. Helicopter that was going to pick you up at the poin-x ray doesnt land at the

LZ (haven't try to load the game).

  1. Game Crashes after a while when Ghosthawk gets destroyed (loaded 5 times happend all the time) update it crashed again after seeing explosion in Kamino firing range at my second attempt.
  2. Michell face changes after loading the mission (It happends to Kerry in Adapt too in addition to that after loading your glasses either change or are given to those you selected in the game profile)


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive

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thank you for submitting the ticket. We are working on removing the causes of the crashes, other issues you were describing we could not reproduce.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Looks like its fixed now

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