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Bad text translation in engine
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When is hintC used in Czech version of game, there is problem with one character in word Pokračuj [Continue] caused by bad coding in engine. This problem cant be fixed in editor.

Player sees:
Pokra uj {F23805}


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Check engine text and coding

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Problem still save and is present in Russian localization



<Project name="Core">
<Container name="Missions">

<Container name="Armory">
  <Key ID="str_disp_hintc_continue">
    <Turkish>Devam et</Turkish>


Pleaase fix it!

We have checked it and repacked it. Please try a new Dev-Branch update, it looks all correct in the text database on our side.

Sorry for late answer

Checked it right now, issue still reproduced :(



Test mission:

We will check if we can do something deeper with this, but it has a very low priority.

We currently do now have the resources to deal with this, we are aware of it but are putting it to backlog. Sorry.

@falagor thx for answer :)

Ok so apparently somebody already fixed it, please check it with the next stable branch update.

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Thanks guys!

I will try check this in next dev updates :)

Wulf added a comment.Jan 9 2020, 1:35 PM

Dev has been updated. Please check it out, the fix should be there.

Was try on 1.97.146197

All is good, thx for you work, you're best!

@Wulf please close ticket :)

Wulf closed this task as Resolved.Jan 24 2020, 12:08 PM