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Should be able to jump cinematics [resolved by Koala]
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I from the players who like to do the same mission several times; so it will be very cool for players like me to be able to skip cinematic.

I know that you spend times to make it, and that makes a beautiful games.
But when you are watching the same briefing for the fifth times...

So let player choose to watch or skip... {F23799} {F23800} {F23801} {F23802} {F23803}


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I believe you can already do this if you cared to look hard enough. When the cinimatic starts press escape and there should be a few buttons in the menu in the lower left corner that allow you to skip the cinimatic.

There is a misunderstanding, maybe because of my poor English (I'm a French after all).

I'm talking about cinematic in game game briefing, debriefing, and sentence of introduction too. You know when the screen goes to "cinemascope", and we only can move the head...

I put screenshots to be sure i'm understanding

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Most of the cinematic scenes (especially briefing scenes) can you skip by pressing space.

Thanks you a lot Koala, I feel a bit stupid but it's very helpful.

Maybe should the BIS add a little subtitle on the two or three first briefing:
-"Press space to skip"


thank you for submitting the ticket, resolving it as no bug then.

Have a nice day!

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