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units go too the firemission way point, rather then firing at it as artillery
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I can't seem to get any artillery units to fire at a fire mission way point, instead they seem to engage it, getting really close and attacking like a tank.(and the mortar won't attack at all.)


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start up mission
rez artillery unit
set way point
double click way point and set to fire mission
mortar won't fire, and mobile artillery will continue on to way point as if it was a move way point.

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Could you give me exact repro steps, including position you chose and artillery vehicles you're using?

I just tried it with M4 Scorcher and Mk6 Mortar, and both fire at the waypoint position correctly.

m4 scorcher, mk6 mortar and the mlrs, I try to do the mortar about half a click to one km, the scortcher about 5 click away, and the mlrs aboout half the map, I'll add the steps real quick